Welcome to (the new) EcoModern Mom

am a mom to two children, a daughter, Tehya, born in 2007, and a son, Maximus, born in 2013.

I practice extended breastfeeding, cloth diapering, bed sharing, baby wearing, erf (extended rear facing and harnessing), and do not believe in letting a baby cry, vaccinations, spanking or ric. I also am 110% for homeschooling and while I tried and can't (do to custody arrangement) homeschool my daughter; my son will absolutely be homeschooled. 

My son and I eat a vegan diet and are working on transitioning to raw vegan. My daughter is vegetarian (but mostly vegan) at home, when at her dad's she is omni. She wants to go vegan but struggles as she only has the support when she is home with me. She is not old enough to buy or prepare her meals when away. 

I also have a niche for finding only eco and modern products for my family and my home. This blogs original purpose, modern and earth friendly product reviews. No (well, little to none) plastic, character themed, battery operated toys and no cheap itchy clothing that every other kid has on from a Walmart rack. Individuality!  I am also a minimalist which kind of butts heads with my thing for researching and finding eco/modern products. ;) 

 I've just journeyed out to not just buying all natural cleaning and bath & beauty products, but to making them as well.

We try to be as natural as possible (but are for sure not perfect) in all aspects of our life. We would like to share our journey with you and learn more along the way, and make some connections. 

This blog still needs updating and maintenance, so please bear with me while I bring it up to date and rearrange things. Also, look forward to a youtube channel in the future, it's all set up just not put to use quite yet. :)

Feel free to contact me with questions or things you would like see on this blog.