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hugg a planetI'm always keeping my eye out for toys that are not just fun but but provide and educational experience, especially the kind where learning is happening without your child even realizing it. From toddlers through early elementary schoolers most of the learning that happens comes from play and hands on. This is where Hugg-A-Planet comes in. Hugg-A-Planet offers a line of soft eco American made toys (globes, stars and state map) that encourage learning through play.

The classic Hugg-A-Planet Earth is a 12" real stuffed globe with over 600 labeled places. Printed in attention grabbing vibrant and non toxic colors it is sure to catch your little ones eye. This globe will promote and encourage hands on learning, environmental awareness and geographic literacy. Pick a location, toss it and have them find it and toss it back. My 6 year old likes to pick an animal and find which country it is from. Her newest craze is penguins! She was also astonished to find our state on the map and see that it was so little, "wow, we are tiny". Compared to a majority of the other states we are. The globe helps her to see that there is a big world out there; we are working on better understanding the differences between cities, states and countries because I think right now, it is all just one to her so this globe invites her to see the big picture.

Not just for small kids, Hugg-A-Planet products are great for use in the classroom, middle and high schools, dorms and great just keep on a desk for a quick reference. They even have a little globe rattle that would make a unique and great baby shower or baby gift.

hugg a planet
Hug it, toss it, have fun with it. The globe is available in English, Spanish and French and a tag is including in each globe with important facts about our Planet Earth and the Universe.

You can order your Hugg-A-Planet toys here from Peace Toys and you can also enter to win your own classic Hugg-A-Planet globe below!" rel="nofollow" target="_BLANK2">Entry

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